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The Heart of LACHC

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The Heart of LACHC

The Heart of LACHC is our mission, vision and values as expressed through stories from the frontlines. These stories come from patients, providers, front office staff, social workers and partners who are part of the work to realize a vision of a whole, healthy and healed community.

Discharged to the Streets

Our work is filled with strides for Just in care. engaging a patient to a level of trust means we are invested in seeing through to support the wellness of a person no matter what their age, orientation, condition, or ability to pay. We advocate and speak up for policies that we know will help the situations we witness, and Bernadette was one who we stood up for even when she was set aside because she had no home or money to pay.

Bernadette*, a 59-year-old female whom we ban engaging in 2/2021 to present. There was a concern of early onset dementia, anemia, alcohol abuse. Se always smiled when she saw us, although it always took a while to remember who we were, but soon as she saw the provder she lit up. It was a challenge when we needed to send her to th emergency department due to anemia. After weeks of reassuring her and letter her know how emergent it is, she finally agree, it was a huge win. Unfortunately, like most of our patients, she was discharged back to the streets. You will be happy to know as of February she is currently in an assisted facility and is happy."

Alexandra Marques, MA, Street Medicine Care Coordinator (March 2022)